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by Florence W Deems

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Have you ever looked at irregularly shaped veggies and imagined that some of them look like people or animals? I love to look at poblano and other types of peppers that are not grown so they all look alike and are the same size. How boring! Below are some images of peppers that have caught my fancy.

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In the first image below, I flipped a pepper flower image and composited it, making it look like two. Romantic, huh? To make the second image, I put the camera's flash gun behind it. In the third and fourth images, three Habaneros put their schnozzolas together. Wonder what they're discussing?

Romance? Glowing with pride Habanero consultation Habanero consultation

How do you like a turned-up nose, Italian style? And the next one, what a pug ugly mug! But he did taste good! Not all Italians are pug ugly, however - look at the third image. She wanted to pose for me. Alas, in the fourth image, two angry Poblanos square off.

Turned up nose, Italian style Italian pug ugly Sensuous sweetie Poblano pugilists

One day Mr. Owl Poblano came to visit. Another day an Italian hottie and a Habanero asked a question. Then a couple more Italian hotties let me watch them practicing their yoga asanas. The fourth image is of Mr. & Mrs. Poblano on a romantic date night..

Mr. Owl Poblano A question, please? Pepper asanas Mr & Mrs Poblano

And finally, for the time being, I found two perky Poblanos sitting on my open laptop trying to decide which of my desktop icons to click on.

Two Poblanos trying to decide which icon to click on

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