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A Photo Project

by Florence W Deems
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Veggie egos? Every so often when I'm perusing the produce at a grocery store, a few veggie individuals will stand out as being quite amusing. So I buy these, take them home and set up to photograph them, before eating them. Click on the images to see a larger size.

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Buddha's Hand in Flo's Hand

Buddha's Hand is the name of this funky looking citrus relative. They show up once in a while in large supermarkets. They're expensive, but I bought this one anyway.

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I've been known to chop off the heads of veggies - and chop 'em up, too!

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My, What Pretty Eyes You Have!

A romantic encounter? Who knows what potatoes think, anyway?

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Chayote Sour Puss

That's for sure. This veggie won't attract any romantic partners!

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Wrinkly Cashew

I've always enjoyed examining cashews before putting them in my mouth. Sometimes they can be quite interesting. Right after I made this image, I noticed something different about this particular nut. See below.

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Why, It's a Boxing Glove!

Just a little turn and slightly different light, and lo and behold. This poor cashew had certain aspirations. But I ate him before he could fulfill them.

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I hope to add more images to this project as I find them.

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