In Search of a
"Perfect World" Image

by Flo Deems

Introduction: - After having read accounts by several famous professional photographers explaining how they work a subject, refining their vision until they produce an image that says what they want to say about that subject, I decided to start working each subject from a myriad of viewpoints, perfecting as I progressed, returning to the same subject over and over, until I felt that I couldn't do any better.

Of course, my definition of "better" changes over time. Thus causing me to revisit scenes and places that I can get to easily. I have made several "once in a lifetime" trips to various parts of the world. And mostly, while there, unfortunately, I didn't get it "right," from my viewpoint that had changed after returning home. So I'm hoping that if I can get it "right" closer to home, then if another once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself, I'll be able to produce more "perfect world" results while on the scene.

A "Perfect World" Image: - What do I mean? It's one that satisfies me in many respects: subject matter, composition, colors (or tones and shades of monochrome), contrast, focus and depth of field and all the other technical stuff one considers when viewing an image.

But even more, I'm after an emotion evoked by looking at the image:

* Does it excite me?

* Does it "wow" me?

* Does it tell a story?

* Does it have mystery so I can guess at the story?

* In other words, does it interest, excite and satisfy me time after time?

* Can I "grow old" with it as a companion?

* Best of all, will it transport me over the sea to that magical land where Puff the Magic Dragon resides?

Sometimes, to get a perfect world image, I find I must "break out of the box" of accepted photographic conventions. If you care to, you can read about how I broke out of the box.

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Below are links to various projects in which I have tried to produce the very best possible "perfect world" images that I am capable of doing at this point in time. I hope you will enjoy them.

Project: Dragon ::: Project: King Lear

Project: Infra Red Color: Sayen Garden Bridge

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