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by Flo Deems

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The following are images I made while trying out my new (Dec, 2009) camera. The ISO was set to 800, as the light was low inside the building.EV was set for -1.0, as I had discovered that at 0.0, the images had been turning out a little too bright. The lens zoom was probably set for a 35mm equivalent of 35mm. I had the aperture set to f/4, Aperture Priority. The image stabilization was on and so was the facial recognition, which I had forgotten all about. White Balance was on Auto. The images were hand held.

The first image is straight out of the camera, no post processing done at all. Window light came from the left with fluorescent light behind Conan. Shutter speed was 1/18th second. There is no way I could have hand held at this slow speed and not jiggled the camera, so the Image Stabilization works beautifully.

For the next image I held the camera vertically and used the pop-up flash. I do not know what flash EV it was set to, as this info doesn't show up in Apple's iPhoto, only that the flash is either on or off. But the flash behaved as if it had been set to about -0.7 to -1.0 EV and opened up the shadows nicely. Shutter speed was even slower at 1/15th second.

The next image I made of Bud and Arleen standing in the entrance hallway at Fox. Behind and above Bud's head (image upper left corner) was a skylight. Down the hallway to image right of Arleen's head was a wall-mounted fluorescent sconce. As you can see, the image-left side of Bud's face is too red-orange, which the image-right side of Arleen's face is too green. The camera's Auto WB didn't control the red and green colors very well. Shooting info remains the same, except the shutter speed was 1/10th second.

So I had to take the original to PS CS3 and adjust the local color balance on Bud's and Arleen's faces. I also warped the hallway at bit at image right and darkened the skylight at upper left. This image is quite noisy, due to the ISO 800 coupled with the lower light level.

When I was composing the image, I noticed two highlighted squares in the image and then realized that the camera was using its facial detection tool on each of their faces! I hadn't noticed the square around Conan's face earlier.

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