by Florence W Deems

From time to time I write a tutorial to teach myself certain things that I'd like to remember, but may have trouble remembering, unless I write down the steps. So if anyone else can learn something from these, then all the better.

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The Golden Ratio

What is it and how to use it in composition.
Convert "Cool" to "Hot" Effect

Using Photoshop's tools to convert a cool-looking woodland scene into one that looks hot and humid.
In-Camera Blurs

The several different ways of producing these types of blurs.
Find Edges Technique

Using Photoshop's Find Edges filter for image enhancement, sharpening & backgrounds for compositing.
Relationship Between Aperture & Shutter Speed

How to gain better control over your camera's exposure tools.
Improving Exposure: Using Histograms

How to use the built in histograms of most modern cameras to make sure you have not overexposed or underexposed.
Composition 1

Arranging subjects within the image frame: Direction & Visual Weight
Composition 2

Types of Light
Shooting After Sunset & Before Sunrise

The types of twilights & how to set exporures
Shooting Portraits

Points to Consider
Shooting Extremes 1

White subjects on white backgrounds; Black subjects on black backgrounds
Shooting Extremes 2

Clear glass on white & black backgrounds
Direction of Light, Using an Egg

Using one light to show how the direction of light falling on an object changes our perception of form
Using Photoshop's Black & White Adjustment Layer

Adjusting the brightness or darkness of individual colors
One Image - 12 Results

Post processing experiments on an image,
using PhotoShop's CS3 & CS5
Marquees & How They Run

How to use small images in marquees (page 2).
Creating Polar Coordinates

A tutorial showing how to turn an image
into a special kind of abstract design,
using Adobe Photoshop™


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