The Serious Ones, 2

A Photo Project

by Florence W Deems
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I've been working on a photo project that involves story telling over a short period of time. These images are presented as diptychs, triptychs or quadriptychs.

Please click on the images to see a larger size.


Hefting supplies in the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad train yard.


Waiting for the next tourist train run.


The steam obscures, the breeze reveals.


Barred owl looking for his tidbit of meat.
Birds of Prey exhibit at Callaway Gardens.


Cleo, an African grey,
playing with her bell.


Keeping clean and catching fleas.


Hey there! How about a hand-out?
A resident of the Grounds for Sculpture.


This is all I have so far. I hope to add to these some day. Shooting several consecutive images of an action will enable you to create some visual short stories of your own! Try it, you'll like it!


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