Photographic Metaphors

by Florence W Deems
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Passageway to the
Lower Depths

Scary sometimes, when we look down. Especially when "down there" seems darker than "up here." Do we dare to look down into our inner depths? What might be lurking there that we'd rather not uncover, because then we'd have to deal with whatever we find? What lessons can we learn from our shadow selves, though? Is it worth it, to explore our depths? Perhaps in our depths, we'll find strengths we never knew we had? Or we'll emerge the stronger and wiser for having dealt with what's "down there"? We'll never know, though, until we venture down.

These particular stone steps lead down to an elevator that takes us the rest of the way down inside Bowman's Hill Tower in Washington Crossing State Park, PA, USA. But this is also built on top of a hill. So to go home again, we still have to descend the hill.

Image processed in Photoshop's CS3.


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