Photographic Metaphors

by Florence W Deems
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Pathway to Our Inner Child

This is more a pathway than a passageway. We've already made the passage from childhood to adulthood. But many of us have lost something along the way. Joy, lightness, creativity, passion. All children are born with these attributes. But along the way, adults, who have forgotten what it feels like to be a child, have tried to mold us kids, whenever they came into contact with us, into their ideas of how we children should behave, think, do, etc. Adults end up "should-ing" instead of "could-ing" on children. Ordering: "You should do this, you should do that." Instead of asking: "What could you do with this; what could you do with that?" And so over the years, we children have grown up into adults who have covered over with all these "shoulds," the passageway we took from childhood to adulthood

Can we remember how as children, we loved to play? The joy we felt when we discovered something new? The satisfaction and fulfillment we felt when we accomplished whatever task we'd set ourselves to master? The passion we felt to push on and on, conquering one horizon after another?

If we want to rekindle these feelings again, we may need to re-discover the pathway back to find our inner child. Because there's a part of us, buried behind our assumed masks of adulthood, that forever remains a child. We never were allowed to nurture part of our childhood experiences and we'll need to find this "inner child" to show us how to recapture our innate joy, lightness, creativity and passion.

Can we do it? Are we willing to do it? Yes! So, let's don that hat of playfulness - and get on with enriching the rest of our lives!

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Inner Child

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