Photographic Metaphors

by Florence W Deems
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Passageway To Derring-Do

Look! There's a woman** doing exactly what she wants to do! But in our present day and age, the first decade of the 21st Century, many countries don't allow people to wander around out in public with their clothes off. So why is this woman doing it? Notice that she and her male companions have gone out into a secluded area of the woods for their picnic. So why do we see them? Are they real? Or only figments of our imaginations?

**You'll find this scenic sculpture partially hidden at the Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, USA. Sculptor is J. Seward Johnson.

Post processing of image done in Photoshop's CS3.


Self-Reflection ::: Bread Line ::: Corrigan's Corridor

Welcoming Light ::: Thrill Seekers ::: Convergence

Private ::: Uneven ::: Lower Depths

Derring-Do ::: Peaceful Haven

Inner Child

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