Photographic Metaphors

by Florence W Deems
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Wrong Way Corrigan's Corridor

In Savannah, GA, USA, in September, 2007, part of a block of the sidewalk along River Street was covered to protect passersby from construction debris. I'd read the sign and had watched people emerging from this cover in the "right" direction (the direction of the arrow). But then I saw this guy enter from the opposite direction - aha! Photo op!

He seemed to me to be a construction worker, not a tourist. I don't know why he was headed in that direction, instead of the direction where the sign says he can have fun 7 days a week. Maybe he's not Irish? Maybe he has a job to do in the left direction, but maybe after his job he'll turn in the "right" direction and stop in at the pub?

How many times do we go our own way, whether it's the "right" way, according to society, or in another direction, away from the mob mentality?

Image processed in Photoshop's CS3.


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