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by Florence W Deems

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Background: In 2009. I was taking Bryan Allen's "Location People" workshop in Savannah, GA. One day we went to the Jepson Center of the Telfair Art Museum. Inside, not only is the lobby HUGE, it's also almost pure white - walls, floors ceiling. Makes a fantastic place to shoot portraits. So that's where I grabbed this quick shot of 4 of the participants draped on the central staircase in the lobby.

In February, 2011, a member of the former The Mindful Eye community forum issued a Challenge, titled "Odd Man Out." So I entered the image below, thinking that there are 3 people engaged and interacting with each other, while the 4th, the Odd Man Out, was paying no attention to them. (Click on image to see a larger version.)

Several other members, when viewing my entry, saw many more Odd Man Outs than this one - and so here are their discoveries:

  • 3 with no hat, 1 with
  • 3 black lenses, one white
  • 3 sitting, 1 standing
  • 3 conversing, 1 self-absorbed
  • 3 without glasses, 1 with
  • 3 in sleeves, 1 in a tank top
  • 3 in sneakers, one in shoes/sandals
  • 3 in visible white socks, one without visible white socks
  • 3 holding their cameras, one not
  • 3 smiling, 1 not
  • 3 railing supports "above" the bend, 1 "below"
  • 3 backpacks, 1 bag
  • 3 with a hand visible, 1 without
  • 3 of one ethnicity, 1 of another
  • 3 people on the right, 1 on the left
  • 3 people without drop-in filters, 1 with
  • 3 people without lens hoods, 1 with
  • 3 making eye contact, 1 not

Many thanks to Greg, Phil, Micheline, and Billy Joe for seeing beyond what I saw!

My challenge to you is to look over your own images and see if you can come up with ones in which there are correspondences, but also with an oddity that contrasts with the correspondences.

OR, look specifically for scenes to shoot that will make a new "Odd Man Out" project.

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