Train Yard
New Hope, PA, USA

by Flo Deems
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Introduction: - The New Hope & Ivyland Railroad runs freight during the week in the off-tourist season. But on weekends and during the summer weekdays, its Baldwin #40 steam engine pulls tourists in old restored passenger cars. You can read all about its history plus its modern day functions by clicking on the link above.

The Newtown Camera Club has held several "shoots" in the train yard behind the little station. There are all sorts of junk-yard types of objects to shoot and convert into fine art photos. From rusting boxcars to shells of engines, extra (and rusty) wheels, nuts, bolts, and goodness only knows what else, there are lots of items to keep one busy for hours. The images below were taken over a two-year period in the train yard behind the station in New Hope, PA, USA.

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1. Mort, pointing out something interesting to shoot. This train yard is Mort's favorite place to shoot.

2. Several club members searching for interesting objects to shoot.

3. One member focuses on a pile of goodness only knows what!

4. The diesel engine, relegated to the "back 40" for the time being.

1. One of the restored passenger cars waiting for a pull.

2. The tail light of a box car.

3. The shell of a steam locomotive cab.

4. Rusty bolts on a steam engine boiler part.

1. Rusty spring from box car wheels.

2. Rusty handle or metal strap piece hanging on a box car.

3. A large bolt probably too rusty to use now.

4. All that remains of an old paint job, the letter "O."

1. A "critter's head," a pattern formed by rust and missing paint from a side of an old box car.

2. Scratches through the paint now form a rusty "line drawing."

3. I discovered my reflection in the door handle decoration of a large pick-up belonging to a crew member.

4. Mort and another member relaxing on New Hope's Main Street after a shoot.

Train Rides

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