What Are They Remembering?
Part. 1

by Flo Deems
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Birth of the Messenger

At the Grounds for Sculpture near where I live is an interesting 2-sided sculpture with the above name, by a sculptor named Viktor. The side one sees as one starts up the passageway is shown above.

(The opposite side, which one sees only after passing by up to the top of the rise, comtemplating that sculptural scene, and then returning, and which is also partially hidden by shrubbery, depicts an upside down, anatomically correct, full-grown male, who is either the "messenger" just before birth, or the one who must have been responsible for the conception. More on this reverse side later.)1

What Are They Remembering?

As I was contemplating a new point of view for this piece of sculpture, which I have photographed from several different angles and POVs, two women approached it and stopped. Not a word was spoken. They stood there for several minutes. As I snapped this image, I wondered what thoughts were going thru their heads - why weren't they sharing them with each other? - what memories were each recalling?

After a few minutes, they moved on along the path. I wondered whether they then shared their feelings.

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After I posted the photo plus my remarks above on the former TME forum,, others shared their own musings:

Wes Norman: They had to be thinking, "never again". That last one did it for me. And, many other pregnancy thoughts. Am I close?

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Ted Byrne: It is uncanny. This angle is genius. My first impression was of a woman staring into a mirror. Then as I studied the scene, the mirror became magical. It is a perfect feeling. Perfect is a whole lot hard to do.

Congratulations Flo... This is awesome.

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Tim: I really like your photo. It gives me pause, just like the lady looking at the figure.

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Interesting that not one of the women who regularly post to the this forum responded. Only 3 men!

1 The Upside Down Male Reverse

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