What's in the Mist?

by Flo Deems
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Did you ever see a fog bank or a cloud of mist somewhere? Or have you ever been engulfed by the marine layer that moves in off the ocean onto the land? Did you ever wonder what mysteries were lurking and may have come in, shrouded by the water vapor? Do you find this type of contemplation interesting, challenging? Or do you find it unsettling? Or a little of both?

In the image below, it looks like some women are rushing past something that's emerging in the mist. Why are they rushing? What aren't they stopping to investigate what it is that's lurking there?

Actually, the real story is this: In the Water Garden at the Grounds for Sculpture, I was trying to shoot blurs caused by slow shutter speeds. Along came a few women who stopped to look at a wire sculpture which is mounted in front of a wall with nozzles that issue water mist. A change in the wind caused the mist to blow into them suddenly. So they hurried up past the sculpture, and I got my blur.

It was only after I got home and looked at the images, that the mystery implied in this image occurred to me.


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