What Is Real?

by Flo Deems
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What is REAL? Is it the shadow, which seems to be the subject of this photo?

Or is it the little carved agate mountain lion fetish, which interrupted the light coming at it and thus caused the shadow to be cast?

Or is it the light itself - generated by electricity interacting with other molecules? Einstein figured out that mass equals the speed of Light squared. So this must mean that Light is more real than mass! Because we can't have mass unless we have speedy Light!

But then, what is Light, really? Some wise ones say Light is made of Photons. So does this make Photons more Real than Light? But then others say that Light is composed of wave forms - Vibrations. So do we have real particles really bouncing around throughout the Universe?

Is Light or these bouncing particles more Real than mass - or is all this a manifestation of some Ultimate Causal Agent? Thus, this would make that Causal Agent really Real, wouldn't it? And all else derives from this Agent.

Now, what on earth caused this train of thought? Seeing, several years ago, an aerial photo of a camel caravan trudging along on some African sand dunes! The camels - well, something was wrong, because they looked much larger than the size of the dunes over which they were traveling. Then I realized that what we first thought were the real camels were really their shadows cast long and large by a low sun. The camels are visible, but only their backs and necks, looking straight down upon them. Camels are really quite skinny when viewed from this lofty perspective. So, we viewers conclude that, oh, this is a tricky image - the shadows aren't real, the almost-invisible camels are!

Well, are they really? You decide!

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