The Messenger's Birth

by Flo Deems
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Partially hidden on the reverse side of the sculpture* we've been discussing (Birth of the Messenger, by Viktor), is another bas relief sculpture - the Messenger himself. The anatomically correct Messenger. The upside down, naked, anatomically correct, full grown adult Messenger! So, how can this be considered a birth?

This leaves some to wonder: Is this the Messenger? Or is the sculpture supposed to depict the male responsible for the conception of the Messenger? And is this a sculpture that depicts a Christian concept - the Immaculate Conception? Or is this the Messenger, Gabriel, who is supposed to have told Mary that she would be giving birth to the Christ child? If this is Gabriel's birth, and if Gabriel was an angel, why would he need to be birthed by a human mother?

This depiction of a fully grown and anatomically correct human male is presented to us upside down. Also the archway on the other side, in which the pregnant woman resides, is reflected upside down on this side, as a curved basin - a womb, perhaps? Since I've never heard a docent's explanation of this sculpture, I can only muse and guess and muse and guess again as to the intentions of the sculptor.

Below is an image of the pregnant woman's side, with some people looking at it. But notice, on the right side and well behind this installation is a man standing there contemplating something else. What is he looking at?

Well, he's looking at the reverse side - and seeing this:

Unfortunately, due to the placement of immovable bushes and trees, there's no place for a photographer to set up a place of "ambush" to make images of people's reactions to this side of the Birth of the Messenger sculpture.

So again, the Bottom Line becomes - what are your thoughts as you look at this side of the sculpture and of the whole sculpture, now that you've viewed both sides? How do you feel? What message do you get from this sculpture?

* Grounds for Sculpture

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