Garden of Reflection

by Flo Deems
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Twisted girder from one of the towers.

All we have left of those who left us.
Except our mem'ries: of smiles and of hugs,
  of good times and better;
   all mixed in with ribbons of grief.

Not wanting to go; they had no choice.
Horrible moments of fear and panic,
  odors and noise -
   grating and roaring and screaming,

Released at last.
Dropping their shackles, they rose from the earth
  into the Light and the Love
    and the Peace of the One.

As we remember them,
We come together to create a Garden
  of space and of sculpted earth,
   of concentric circles and jetting water.

Here we can sit, enjoying the plantings;
Walk on the paths and read the names
  of all those who died so suddenly
   on the day that rocked the earth.

Here we see the twin jets of water.
We follow them, reach up towards the sun,
  praying for inner guidance and peace
   to go on with our lives -

without them.

Here we can heal our Souls.

::: ::: :::

Garden of Reflection, Yardley, PA, USA

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