The Economy Hits the Wall

by Flo Deems
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      Arms flung across a greater field of vision
        we have blundered blindly forward, pell-mell,
         never feeling that the flowers we admired
          while ploughing from perfect plantings to

warning weeds

       would develop into fruits whose flavor would be

distressingly distasteful.

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Sculpture is "Skewered" by Francisco Leiro, and found at
the Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, USA.

Quoting from the Grounds for Sculpture website: His [Leiro, the sculptor]..."large, writhing bronze figure, torturously impaled as the title Skewered describes, was cast at the Johnson Atelier from an original work carved in poplar. An observer of human nature, Leiro interprets nightmarish tragedy, illustrating the delicate balance between mastery and failure, and tempering the absurd with ironic and comedic statements in his powerful, emotive sculptures."

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