A Photo Project

by Florence W Deems
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Hands and feet have so much character - almost as much as faces. And like faces, the older hands and feet get, the more wrinkles they acquire. Hands can do so many things. Feet can wear so many things. Click on the images to see a larger size.

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Legs, 7 Months Old

We'll start with very young legs and feet. These wrinkles are from baby fat which doesn't remain very long once the child starts growing fast.

Same as above

A third view

OK, we'll let him grow up now! The three images above show my older great grandson's baby legs and feet. On to older hands and feet.

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Bronzed Keepsakes

Looking at these baby shoes now and then down at my own grown up feet, I can no longer imagine what it was like to be this small and to toddle around in these little shoes.

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OH-OH! Does Mommy Know?

When kids learn to grab their feet, they soon learn to bare them naked. If Mommy isn't watching, too bad!

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Happy Feet

The kid with the brand new Nikes said to the other kid, "My feet are happy. They just got new shoes!"

The two images above were made on River Street in Savannah, GA.

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Skinny Teens

Teen girls paused on a small footbridge, giving me a chance to make a picture.

This small bridge is called the Monet Bridge and can be found at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.

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Resting on a Park Bench

I found a young man resting his hand on his shoe one day. Like I said above feet can wear so many different things. Do his feet appreciate the fact that he polished their shoes today?

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Hands, Feet & Tootsies

Even shod feet find it hard to tramp along on those big cobblestones. And so a rest is called for.

Both images above made in Savannah, GA.

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What Are These Feet Up To?

No, they're not scaling a wall. I rotated this image 90 degrees counter clockwise, as a joke. The owners of these feet actually were sprawled out on the ground at one entrance to a covered bridge, getting a low-down camera angle.

Shot near Callaway Gardens in GA.

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