A Troubled Egg

by Florence W Deems &
the Good Folks at
the Former TME Forum.
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A Troubled Egg

A composite of a shell that came off almost in one piece, and a cracked hard boiled egg. A couple of my friends from The Mindful Eye felt moved enough to comment:

Becky: Flo, you are right. This is a troubled egg on several counts. Interesting image though.

Murry: Reminds me of something else -- The condition of earth -- global warming, wars, financial crisis, poverty, etc. -- that is a lot for one little egg to carry. No wonder it cracked up. The one bright spot continues to be The Mindful Eye

Flo: Thanks, Becky and Murry. Murry, you crack me up!

And so there you have it, eggzactly as they said it. For further attempts at eggy humor, you may now click on the remaining links below - or if you are now eggasperated, you may eggsit!

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