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After I hard boiled some eggs one morning, I saw one of them waving its flag of surrender in the water. But after I poured off the water, I had a hard time getting its flag to wave again. So anyhow, here's what the surrender flag looks like when the wind is calm!

I Surrender!

We Surrender!

So I posted these two images to the former TME community forum, with the request to "Please eggscuse me." Following are the eggscessive comments made by other community members.

Charlene (Bug): Wow, that egg certainly eggsploded and eggspulsed its innards with egguberance.

Flo: Thanks, Charlene. Methinks the rest of the community is a tad tired of egg jokes!

Becky: Flo, more like eggshausted! Thanks to both of you for a well needed laugh.

Charlene: I guess we were joking to eggcess!

Flo: AACCKK!!! Becky and Charlene, you crack me up! Now I'm eggzhausted!

April: Quoting Flo - "you crack me up." Stop, stop!

Flo: OK, April - no more eggy humor! Hey, everyone - shall we honor poor, long suffering April's request?

Trish: Eggzackly the thing to do

Charlene: Sigh, I'm egghausted!

Peter M: Flo, sorry I missed this yoke!

Flo: Oh, Peter! Thanks, anyway

Phyllis: Flo, I like your eggs. I just arrived but think I'll eggsit now!

Flo: Eggsit! Now that's a new one! Thanks, Phyllis!

And so there you have it, eggzactly as they said it. Unless there are further attempts at eggy humor in this thread, this is the end - and you may now eggsit!

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