Mr. Egg, The Eskimo

by Florence W Deems &
the Good Folks at
the Former TME Forum.
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Mr. Egg

I've never had a hard boiled egg do this particular type of cracking while cooking. It reminded me of an Eskimo all wrapped up in winter furs. So I posted this image to the former TME community forum. Following are the eggscessive comments made by other community members.

Tom: War of the worlds, they've landed

Bruce (bvp): Egg Cyclops - run for the nearest exit!

Flo: LOL, you two crack me up! (Pun intended)

Wes: And you ate this thing, Flo? I am not sure whether I could or not.

Becky: No, No, not another egg. Aeeee! Flo, I have never had an egg do this either and like Wes, I am not sure I could eat it. But what an egggciting discovery.

Flo: Thank you Wes and Becky. Of course I ate it! Never occurred to me not to, ROTFLOL! It tasted just like it was supposed to!

DJan (delbrajan): OH NO!!!!!! Here we go eggain!

Flo: Thanks, Djan! I'm wondering why April's eggs didn't get all the jokes cracked about them!? (April had posted an image showing several eggs arranged very elegantly--no one would think of cracking a joke about them!)

April: Wisecracker!

And so there you have it, eggzactly as they said it. For further attempts at eggy humor, you may now click on the "Surrender!" link below - or if you are now eggasperated, you may eggsit!

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