Mr. Egg & Family
a Portrait by Flo

by Florence W Deems &
the Good Folks at
the Former TME Forum.
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Mr. Egg & Family

Recently a family came to me and asked me to take their portrait as a family. So I set up my studio, which consists of: 1) a very eggspensive window light; 2) an even more eggspensive CFL; and 3) a hand held Nikon D300 fitted with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens. Oh yes, the white balance was set to Auto.

Then we had fun getting them all to line up properly, esp the kids, who seemed to want to take a nap right then. But finally all cooperated and so I was able to make their portrait.

From left to right: older kid, Mrs. Egg, Mr. Egg and younger kid. The top decoration was a buddy of theirs who decided to lie down on the job, lol.

How do you think I did for my first portrait job?

A few months ago I posted a couple other images of the same nature, about which certain members of this community rendered their wry observations, which I recorded for posterity in these pages.

If there are any more wry comments from our resident community, I'd appreciate hearing them. But we may have wrung the wryness dry, so to speak.

JPetty: And all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again.

When's breakfast?

Steve: Flo - This is wonderful. Though I am annoyed that Janet already took the Humpty Dumpty line.

I appreciate all the technical information, but you left out a key variable. How many minutes were the eggs cooked???

MCampbell: Should have told the tomato family to wait their turn. They were so eager to get their pictures taken they snuck into the frame.

Thanks for the smile Flo.

Flo: Thanks, Janet - and to think that I didn't even think of that line! I ate "Momma" and "Papa" for supper, lol, as they wouldn't fit back into the carton. The "kids" got eaten this morning. Mr Humpty Dumpty gets eaten tomorrow morning, lol.

Thank you, Steve. These eggs are jumbo size. I start them in cold water and bring to a boil, which normally takes about 9 minutes in summer. But with this batch, as the water was getting hotter, I started hearing pops! I couldn't believe how many pops I heard, as usually only one or at most 2 eggs crack and sometimes none.

When the water comes to a boil, I turn off the fire and set the timer for 25 minutes, keeping the covered pan on the hot burner grill.

Then I run cold water over them until I can handle them. I put the eggs into a large pot of ice cold water so they chill quickly for 10 minutes, box them and refrigerate.

Extra large eggs get 20 minutes; large get 15 minutes; and medium get 10 minutes.

Thanks, Mike - yes, I forgot all about the tomato family, lol. But I don't have any images of them to show.

And so there you have it, eggzactly as they said it. For further attempts at eggy humor, you may now click on the other links below - or if you are now eggasperated, you may eggsit!

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