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Sorry! I hope you can stand another eggciting bit of egg humor.

Eggxodus - the baby proteins said, "Enough!" and fled!

Bob Dein: I don't think that the gobs are proteins. Those are colonies of Salmonella eggiting their hosts.

Micheline: Eggstraordinary! With all this red, you're ready for Craig's Red Assignment.

Flo: Thanks, Bob. Nope, these aren't overgrown salmonella, lol. Wrong shape! Anyway, I've never bought eggs from those brands that are having the contamination problems, thank goodness.

Micheline, thanks. Red takes up more "image real estate" than the whites of the subjects, but since it isn't the subject, I'm not going to submit these for the Red Assignment.

BTW, I hope people know to use the eggs that cracked first, before using the rest of the hard boiled batch. I didn't catch a slight crack one time, and it was the last egg to be used, 12 days later. As I cracked the shell, the egg inside was yellowish, slimy and smelled pretty bad. So bacteria can and do develop under refrigerated conditions after a few days.

And so there you have it, eggzactly as they said it. For further attempts at eggy humor, you may now click on the other links below - or if you are now eggasperated, you may eggsit!

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