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Here we go again! I found an eggtroglyph recently. These are uneggzpected markings on egg shells made by calcium cultures that get eggzcited by the tremendous heat in the boiling water.

The lighter color at the top of the egg shell (beneath the white crescent shape) is light shining through the air bubble inside the egg.

Wes: I think you should be very careful, Flo. It looks like you have picked up an egg from outer space. They will be after you so wear your foil hat and watch your back.

Charlene: Oh no, not again! I thought the egg jokes were finally ova! Interesting catch Flo, I agree with Wes, get that foil hat on before it's too late.

Flo: Thanks, Wes and Charlene! And Charlene, congrats on coming up with yet another uneggzpected egg-pun! I'd never have thought of this one, lol!

And so there you have it, eggzactly as they said it. For further attempts at eggy humor, you may now click on the other links below - or if you are now eggasperated, you may eggsit!

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