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BORN: Louisville, KY. Long enough ago to have been a senior citizen now (2021) for 24 years.CHILDHOOD: Loved horses, horses, horses - and other animals, too. Hung out with other "tom-boy" type girls. Brought home snakes and snails, but no puppy dog tails. Once had an armadillo and a young possum. Raised rabbits. Rescued baby robins. Also lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.
TEENHOOD: Loved hiking, bicycle riding, going on field and camping trips with the local chapters of the National Audubon Society and the Kentucky Natural History Society.EDUCATION: B.S. in Biology, Univ of Cincinnati; attended Univ of Louisville; Ohio State; and Univ of Michigan's Biological Station. Have enough graduate credits for a PhD, but not in the right combinations to get one. Also, an Elementary Teaching Certificate from Trenton State, now called the College of New Jersey.
OTHER TRAINING: Have studied under several spiritual and metaphysical teachers and healers; practice certain types of meditation. Also studied toning (voice) and drumming with Don G. Campbell. JOB EXPERIENCE: Taught 4th and 6th grades, helped two school systems develop an Outdoor Education program; later owned a natural foods store. Now retired - whee! But still keeping a hand in the health, wellness, and "youth-n-izing" areas..
TRAVELS: Have visited Egypt, Hawaii, China, Tibet, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Peru. Emphasis each time was on learning about things metaphysical, and indigenous spirituality. Also I've lived in and/or visited 38 of the USA's 50 states.VOLUNTEER WORK: Used to mentor for Don Campbell's non-profit music institute in Boulder, CO. Also, used to help in community projects. Until recently, much of my time had been devoted to visiting my handicapped grandson, who died in Dec, 2010. Plus I help out various projects, but not on a regular basis.
CURRENT INTERESTS: Digital and film photography, gardening, traveling, renovating house, and cyberart.
FAMILY: We moved to New Jersey in 1961 after 5 years in Connecticut. My husband died July, 2009. Older son still lives with me. Younger son, his wife and daughter live in TN. His daughter has a girl preschooler. Older son's daughter has been in the Coast Guard for 20 years, is retired and has two sons, 15 yrs and 8 yrs old, and lives in Washington state. I also have a pet parrot.
First internet experience: MSNTV: An original Classic, Jan, 1997. Learned HTML, created a couple of metaphysical websites. "Graduated" to a Plus, Sep, 1999. Experimented with audioscopes and gradtables. By the year 2000, I was hooked, addicted, whatever you want to call it. Learned even more by writing tutorials. Joined Tandem Tables (TT) in June, 2002, and have been a member ever since. It was while I was using MSNTV that I learned html, and how to make websites. My home page is Tone By Tone Dot Net. I made the decorative borders on this page, using MSN TV's browser's proprietary gradtables codes. Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued MSNTV in Sep 2013.

COMPUTERS: First one was an Apple Performa, which I gave away when I upgraded to an Apple iMac. I still have it, as it has lots of text files in it, which I update from time to time. Next in 2004 came an Apple iBook laptop, which stores lots of my older photos, plus a music library which I play all the time. Finally, in 2007, I got an Apple MacBook Pro laptop with Tiger OS. Its CD player fried itself the next year, so I bought another Apple MacBook Pro laptop with Leopard OS. But, in the summer of 2010, both laptops got knocked to the floor within 3 days of each other, ruining their screens! So rather than spend megabucks to fix them, then I obtained a third Apple MacBook Pro with Lion OS. This is the one I used for more recent photos and for Photoshop's CS3 & CS5 to help me "diddle" with them. Heaven help me if something happens to this one! Well, OK, Heaven did not help me! That laptop fried its fan. So now I'm using another MacBook Pro, this time with the OS Catalina installed. Boy, this had better be the last one for quite a while!
PHOTOGRAPHY: My parents had one of those brown Kodak "Brownie" box cameras. Those negatives produced very small 2-inch prints. My first serious camera was a Topcon 35mm film camera, way back when I was a teen. My special interest then was wild flowers. I accumulated enough transparencies so that I went to various garden clubs in my area to give programs on wild flowers.

Married after college, I had two boys, so I focused the camera's lens on them for many years. After they married, my older son and his two young kids moved back in with us. So for the next years, I trained my camera on my grandchildren.

Now that they are no longer living here, I went back to photographing other subjects. Camera equipment now: an Apple iPhone6, a Nikon D300 and D90 DSLR bodies; a Fujifilm Finepix S200 Pro IRUV DSLR body for infra red; Fujifilm X100; and assorted Nikkor, Sigma, and Tamron lenses. Recently got a GoPro Hero3 tiny multipurpose camera. And then, tired of lugging the weight of the DSLRs and various lenses, I got an Olympus Stylus 1. Then I had fun for a while with Minox's mini digital spy camera.

I joined a couple of camera clubs. In August of 2004, my brother and I drove to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to take a weeklong nature photography workshop with John and Barbara Gerlach. In 2007, I discovered Craig Tanner and Marti Jeffers, who no longer teach photography. I have taken 7 of their workshops, all in Savannah, GA. In the springs of 2011 and 2012, I also took Callaway Gardens, GA, workshops with Marti Jeffers.

In recent years, I joined a senior camera club which meets in the middle of the day. Several years ago, 2012, the club's leader had to drop out, so by default, I became the organizer. I no longer attend the club's meetings because I now can't walk very well. But the club is now run by common consent.
I also maintain a photography website.
OOPS! MY DEMISE!!!: It's a nice feeling to know that I passed away some time before 2006! I Googled my name and discovered that I'm buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Evansville, Indiana! Now I can go visit myself some time when I'm in the Mid-West again! So, what does that make me? A real flesh-and-blood ghost? Well, if so, then you'd better run and hide, if you see me at your door!

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