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Using Photoshop CS3 & CS5

by Florence W. Deems
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Wes' original image

In the TME Forum a few years ago, we had an on-going project called "Edit My Image". A member posted an image for others to play with, using post processing tools, usually various versions of Photoshop or Lightroom. Sometimes the posters specified parameters, such as no Compositing, or even "anything goes."

We had two weeks to play and post our results. Then the original poster of each thread chose which one he/she liked best. And so the "baton" passed to that person, who then posted another new image for us to play with.

On these pages are 12 results I got when playing. I was pushing for different and wild results after the first two, however. But these are by no means the only results one can obtain. Those number in the thousands, theoretically.

How I Edited Wes' Church Image
Results 1 through 3


1. in Photoshop CS3's Adobe Camera Raw, adjust contrast, saturation, vibrance sliders

2. Open in CS3. Create a Duplicate Layer.

3. Filter>High Pass. Move slider to 250.0. Blend mode "Hue"

Flatten & save.

My First Result

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1. Edit>Back up to 3. above. Use Blend mode "Color Burn"

Flatten & save

My Second Result

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Take Second Result into CS5

1. Layer>Gradient Overlay. Linear. -90. Blend mode "Luminosity"

Flatten & save. See image below

The plus 90 result

2. Back up. Layer>Gradient Overlay. Linear. +90. Blend mode "Luminosity"

Flatten & save. See image below

The minus 90 result

3. Drag both 1 (minus 90) and 2 (plus 90) above onto the Second Result (bottom layer). Blend mode "Overlay"

Merge down

4. Adjustment Layer Brightness/Contrast - Brightness +91

Flatten & save

My Third Result

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