by Florence W. Deems

This is a
Camera Still, Subject Moving Blur.

For the diptych above, I made two 30-sec images, one lighting the candle, the other blowing it out.

Set up: About 10 feet away from a shaded window on a very cloudy day. Room light off. Camera on tripod.

Lensbaby (a specialty lens) on camera. The exposures for both images were f/22 @ 30 seconds. ISO was Nikon's "L 1.0", which I think is equivalent to "100". White Balance was cloudy. Shutter speed set to 30 sec using Shutter Priority mode.

For the image on the left, I set the lamp's chimney down next to it. Then I started the shutter. After about 15 seconds I struck the match and lit the candle, then placed the chimney on the lamp base. Shutter closed a few seconds later. I had to make several trial images to decide when to do each movement. I found that allowing 15 seconds was necessary to get the chimney to register before I lit the candle and moved the chimney. The remaining 15 of the 30 seconds was plenty of time to do that.

Right image: I re-lit the candle and replaced the chimney. Then I started the shutter. After only about 6-8 seconds, I removed the chimney and blew out the candle. Then I moved the chimney slowly down beside the lamp base. Shutter closed just a couple seconds later. Again I had to make several trial shots to find the best times while the shutter was open to do the various movements. Since the candle flame was brighter than the rest of the scene, this is why only 6-8 seconds was necessary to get it to register without blowing out (over exposing) its space.

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