A Photographic Project

by Florence W Deems

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Since I have parked my fanny on too many benches to count or remember, and have also enjoyed the views from these benches, I decided to do a photograph project titled, "Views from the Bench." To date, April, 2016, there are five places that I've concentrated upon for this project (see below). These pages are under construction, but you can still visit them and see some content:

Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey.

Savannah, GA: River Street and the Squares.

Callaway Gardens near Pine Mountain, GA

Sayen Gardens, Hamilton, New Jersey.

Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Please click on the place names to go to that page.

Also, I do hope you'll visit and read Andrew Blakemore's beautiful poem, A View From the Park Bench, which I discovered on November 11, 2010. The poem is still online as of March, 2018.

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