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1. I adjusted the colors, brightness, saturation, etc, to my liking. For a year, this satisfied me. But then I wondered what else I could do with this image to have it convey what I remembered of that afternoon. So I took the 1st diddled image to PS CS3 and made a mock-lith image.

2. In PS CS3 with the 1st diddle plus the mock-lith images, I dragged the 1st diddle image over the mock-lith one. Blend mode: Overlay. Then I created a mask and painted thru the 1st diddle to bring the reddish-brown tones from the mock-lith into the tree trunks and the path and to soften the saturation of the greens. The brush opacity was 25%.

3. I had to "Merge visible" to make the next work.

4. I created a white file the same size as the merged image and dragged the white file over the merged one.

5. Using blend mode: Soft Light, I created another mask. For the bottom part I used a brush opacity of 25%; for the middle of the image, I used a brush opacity of 10%.

6. To me, the original looks like the woods were cool that day. But that's deceiving. I like this new effect, as it more accurately brings back memories of that very hot and muggy late summer day when I was there in the woods making the original image. Perspiration running down my forehead into my eyes. Breathing hard in high humidity. Ears ringing with the noisy "music" of cicadas. All the woodsy odors enhanced by the humidity in my nose. My energy fading fast. All I wanted to do then was to get back to my car and turn on the air conditioner! To me, the original looks like the woods were cool that day.

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1st Diddle

Mock-Lith Hot Woods
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