A Photo Project

by Florence W Deems
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Two people each musing about two of the "9 Muses" by Carlos Dorrien in their own way.

Musing the 9 Muses

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This couple sat for a long time interested only in each other's conversations. They ignored the sculpture of the "9 Muses" as long as I watched them, Finally I walked behind two of the statues and made this image.

Between the Muses

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One day during early spring, two young mallard drakes got into a dominance fight. Near them was a mated pair. While the hen nibbled and ignored the fight, her drake seemed mightily interested. These two ran and chased all over the place, even running into me at one point, so absorbed by their fight that they didn't watch where they were going. The fight ended when, again not watching where they were, they fell into the pond! I found the whole episode quite amusing.

Fight Fight!

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A group of antique car owners parked their lovely cars one day at the motel where I was staying. When I saw these two old cars together, immediately I thought of high school prom night and fancied that these two were on a date!

Victoria & Her Date 1

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And here are Victoria and her date again.

Victoria & Her Date 2

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Although this looks like a traffic jam of people crossing a water feature at the Grounds for Sculpture, this is really a composite, making 2 into 4.

Traffic Jam

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This couple seems to be prostrating themselves before "King Lear," a sculpture by J. Seward Johnson. But they had merely stopped, stooped and were going through the photos they had already taken with their camera.

Homage to King Lear

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